with Tim Moore


Tim Moore, a thoughtful man growing up amidst the windy shores of The Norfolk Broads UK. Art school, travel and many stories later he now lives in Sydney. He made his name in the art world with his unique approach to representing naturalists through the age old skill of hand embroidery. Humans doing ordinary things, with the family jewels on show in magnificent stitched glory. His most recent works have focused on superheroes’ and iconic cartoon characters. Cocks out. We asked Tim to run through Ten Things He Hates.

1. Shit food marketed at kids
2. Property developers
3. The word Eco
4. Ipswich Town football club
5. Some priests
6. How much I like going to Westfields
7. Schmiddies
8. Most hippies
9. Celebrity Chefs who endorse supermarkets
10. The fact that Kyle Sandilands can be famous

For more information on Tim’s work don’t try find him on any social media. Maybe look up the phone book.

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