A Place In The Sun

Print is alive and kicking, and anyone who disagrees should have seen the turn out at The Printed Matter Art Book Fair held at PS1 on the weekend. The attendance numbers were in the high millions, and they all came to checkout the 300,000 metric tons of artists’ books, catalogs, monographs, periodicals, zines, and antiquarian publications–not to mention the slew of exhibitions, talks, performances, workshops, book launches, wet t-shirt competitions, and the glory hole. It was a huge success, and I didn’t go because I hate crowds. I was supposed to go. A few of my friends had stalls and they told me I better come, but I just couldn’t. I’m Agoraphobic. I’m ok in a huge space with no people, but just writing the word Lollapalooza gives me a panic attack. However, I can suspend my dread of crowds if I’m going to see a band I like, but then if I had to go see a band I don’t like–say, that shitty band from the 60s that everyone thinks are fucking brilliant but they suck: The Band–I swing dangerously close to nervous breakdown.

But enough about me, lets take a look at this zine and see what I think of it. I think it’s….. GOOD! I think it is good. It’s called A Place In The Sun and it contains photography by California-based snappers Mark Choiniere, Brooks Sterling (who must have a manservant with a name like that), Julian Martin, and Jack Belli. Very nice. Excellent print job, landscape format, and limited to 50 copies. Nice.

A Place In The Sun is concerned primarily with the Three S’s: Surfing, Skating, and Señoritas, which, as you’d know from reading MC, is our cup of tea. I say ‘our’ because some of the MC crew surf, some skate, and some of us like girls. Sadly, I can only claim the last category. I never surfed, ever. I can skate, but I haven’t actually been skating skating since 2012. Pathetic. Even more pathetic: I’m lying. I haven’t gone for a proper skate since 2011. I am still a complete truffle pig when it comes to the ladies, though; at least I have that. I’d like to make the old-guy transition from skating to surfing, but it’s just so trendy right now, I’d feel like a knob. I’d probably get all the gear and never shut up about the surf report. ‘Dude, it’s going off in Indo right now, dude’ and ‘Bro, did you see the swell in Playa Naranjo this morning? So buttery.’ I’d last about a week before I punched my own head in.

A Place In The Sun. Good. Check it out.








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