Vans original documentary series #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL have released a hefty amount of new inspiring, eye opening and entertaining documentaries. They enlisted directors Han Su Kim, Jared Eberhardt, Joni Els, Vincent Skoglund, Angela Boatwright and Tobin Yelland to capture some of the most interesting, creative and passionate people the world has to offer. We chatted with Tobin about his series “Shoot Me Now” and he shared some behind the scenes photos for your viewing pleasure.

Tobin-portraitTobin Yelland / Photo: Dennis McGrath

What is it about zines and tangible print you feel is important in an ever-growing digital world?
Making a zine is different from the digital world because we usually make 100 – 400 copies and when they are gone they are gone. Whoever ends up with them are the lucky few and they are limited and collectable. If I put the group of images up on my website they will reach more people and that is great and well but they are not as precious.

I find zines to be like music records, you’re just so stoked to have something in your hands and it’s real. What does zines mean to you?
I like to find new zines and go to shops that sell zines. Finding a good zine is like Christmas. It’s great to share what you find with friends as well and its even better to make one and share with friends.

How did you go about picking the 4 photographers to feature in this documentary? Any rad side stories while you were making these?
I called Ray Potes from Hamburger Eyes first about the project and he suggested other people to call and I did research on possible subjects for videos.  We shot Ray at Hamburger Eyes and did a rad shoot down Mission Street. It was so fun filming Andrea Sonnenberg and her friends. It was totally like stepping back in time to when I was 24. Staying up all night then waking up early. The shots of skating through the tunnel was great luck, the tunnel was closed for repairs but only at the exit so we were able to ride back and forth like 5 times. Also shooting Lele Saveri was super exciting going to all five boroughs of New York City in one day. Lele got lots of great photos and we got great video of him. I haven’t been to the Bronx or Staten Island that much and it was great to follow Lele throughout the day and explore. We went to Salvation Mountain near Palm Springs with Clint Woodside and that was amazing for sure. It was like nowhere else I’ve ever been before. That’s the best part about doing these videos. Exploring places that I’ve never been before.

For someone new to zines can you recommend some good places to find zines, offline and online?
If you’re in San Francisco go to Needles and Pens at 3253 16th Street. If your in New York go to Muddguts at 41 Montrose St in Brooklyn and Printed Matter at 195 Tenth Ave in Manhattan is great. Online go to deadbeat club hamburger eyes  8 Ball Zines  muddguts

Your first and last zine?
My first zine was with skate photographer Luke Ogden in 1990 called Snoot Zine and my most recent is with Deadbeat Club and is called Close to Home. You can get it at deadbeat club

Last photo you shot?
It was in Seoul, South Korea and was while on an adventure in the amazon city.

What’s next?
Keep making photographs, films and drawings. Love to make art!

01830014_andreaAndrea Sonnenberg

8313_018A 001Ray Potes

63110037_leleLele Saveri

221748-D1-2-015A 001Clint Woodside

Watch “Shoot Me Now” here


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