Andrew Allen – Bulls on parade


We’d spent the afternoon boozing at Whisky Point. A surf break more famed for its right hander, but the waves had gone to absolute shit. On the plus side, beverages were rapidly flowing at this weird little beach bar which was pumping out Rastafarian electro. After hydrating on into sunset, we piled back into the bus, hungry for a hot, hot curry to end a scorching day. Before our maniac bus driver had driven back to the main road, a few hundred head-o-cattle came storming up the road, blocking our path back to Arugam Bay. With limited shots in the bag over the past few hours, peer pressure rallied against Andrew Allen. Tasked with nailing something in front of a bovine backdrop, Andrew skated over to the herd. Before an attempt was made, he was charged by a beast and had to seek refuge in a roadside ditch.

Our short film Team Average 3.0 – Sri Lanka is goes live in a few days. Check out the trailer here.

Photo: Andrew Peters

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