Next week we launch issue #44 of Monster Children, featuring Team Average 3. This time, we piled Craig Anderson, Dion Agius, Dylan Rieder, Andrew Allen and Steph Gilmore into a bus and spent two weeks traveling around Sri Lanka. Coinciding with the release of the Team Average issue is the release of a short film, directed by Mike Piscitelli. Presented by MC and Corona Extra in association with Quiksilver and Roxy, enjoy the teaser for Team Average 3. Stay tuned for the full length film, which drops Sept 17 here on

Photography by Andrew Peters  Morgan Maassen

MorganMaassen_SriLanka_Day6_77 MorganMaassen_SriLanka_Day8_90 MorganMaassen_SriLanka_Day9_43 MorganMaassen_SriLanka_Day8_121 MorganMaassen_SriLanka_Day7_296 MorganMaassen_SriLanka_Day7_15 MorganMaassen_SriLanka_Day6_93 MorganMaassen_SriLanka_Day5_239 MorganMaassen_SriLanka_Day5_201 MorganMaassen_SriLanka_Day5_96 MorganMaassen_SriLanka_Day4_174 MorganMaassen_SriLanka_Day3_65 MorganMaassen_SriLanka_Day2_38 MorganMaassen_SriLanka_Day2_23 MorganMaassen_SriLanka_Day2_10 CRAIG_2-web DYLAN_KICKFLIP-web DYLAN_PUSHING-web ANDREW_BULL_2-web BUS_CATTLE-web ANDREW_10-web

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