I don’t camp and I won’t camp. As a child I was forced to go camping all the time; my dad was obsessed with it. He’d load up the family car (an ex-postal vehicle christened ‘The Bongo Van’ by my school friends) and we’d go bush for four days at stretch, crapping in a hole that sang with flies, eating burnt meat, and being ruthlessly devoured by mosquitoes night after night.

It wasn’t all that bad. I saw koalas and hawks and mobs of kangaroos (mob is their collective noun), and I fished and swam, and chased my sisters with live yabbies. I also threw rocks at things and tore around the bush on my ‘mini’ bike–a 250cc Kawasaki my dad purchased with the idea that I would ‘grow into it.’ I was eleven. My favorite thing about camping, though–and this is going to sound uncharacteristically sentimental–was seeing my father in an state of absolute contentment. He loved the bush and still does; it’s his natural habitat… but it isn’t mine. The apple may not fall far from the tree, but sometimes it rolls the fuck away so it doesn’t have to go camping ever again.

Having said that, I happily accept the two-man tent Poler Stuff are sending me in exchange for writing this. You’re never too old for a Compression Session.

Camping keensters and the sons my dad should’ve had, Poler Stuff, are opening a flagship store in Portland, OR, near the Ace Hotel and Union Way. The store offers 3000 square feet of bags, knapsacks, tents, outerwear, beanies, apparel and everything else you need to get yourself smelly and covered in dirt. There’s also an assortment of collaborative items Poler have made with Raen, Stance and Nike SB along with other great gear from fellow camp vibes-inspired brands like Juniper Ridge, Pendleton, Leatherman Multi Tools, and Airblaster.

There’s an opening party tomorrow, Friday, August 29th, from 5pm-9pm. Foster Huntington will be there to sign copies of his new book Home is Where You Park It, and drinks and snacks will be provided by Art in the Age Liquor, who I will be contacting for booze in exchange for press immediately after posting this.

If you’re in Portland get along to the party: 413 SW 10th Ave. Portland, OR. 97205

Or call them up and ask if their refrigerator is running: (503) 432-8120

Shoplifting Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm/Sunday 11am-6pm









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