Photography and Words By Marcus Manoogian (@mrmanoog)

The lady and I planned a solid week traveling around The Mitten, my home that she had never seen before. We didn’t have much of an agenda besides leaving the city behind. Old friends from Detroit met us on the first leg of our trip where we swam and drank and swam some more. In true Michigan fashion, not one day was spent without eating whitefish.

A final breakfast among friends and the group departed, leaving the Mrs. and I alone on our journey. We crossed the big bridge and suddenly we were in the Upper Peninsula surrounded by blue, blue water. After the weekend escapades, we ached for a quiet night but managed to befriend locals at the karaoke bar and that idea was quickly scratched.


The morning came and we breathed the town in again before cruising north to find Lake Superior. The longer the route, the better. The dashboard was littered with Polaroids that painted a colorful path of what we had seen thus far.


We arrived late but we were so far north the days last forever. At first, the beach was hidden from view and as we approached the water I watched my girlfriend’s eyes light up as she discovered the vast, endless beauty of the great lake. The beach was deserted except for a dog in the distance playing at the water’s edge. We walked down the dunes, lit bottle rockets off into the sky and at that moment I realized this was the feeling I had been searching for.

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