For the past two weeks, I have been listening to The Olms self-titled album in my car. I put it in thinking I would listen to it once on the way home, and then replace it for the next journey. Instead, I not only refuse to eject the CD, but I’ve started taking the long way home just to get more time with it.This album is one little bad boy. The opening track ‘On the Line’ is so goddamn catchy it’s almost dangerous listening to it behind the wheel because I keep tapping my feet furiously down there. Sometimes I accidentally slam on the breaks in sync with the golden beats. To the world outside my Hyundai I must look like I’m having an epileptic fit, but inside those four doors I’m just having a really good time.

The Olms is a new project by Pete Yorn and J.D King. There’s a great lo-fi 70’s pop vibe to their sound, and the vocals at times seem to pay homage to a different era, when deep, earthy spoken word was sexy. There’s a certain sadness to the record, particularly the track ‘A Bottle of Wine, etc’ which has Yorn detailing a real shitty way to spend a night with “A bottle of wine, a tear in my eye, and a photograph.” It’s not all heartbreak and alcoholism, though. ‘Someone Else’s Girl’ spins the tale of a unrequited-turned-requited love, proving that sometimes, nice guys finish first and with enough to time left over to write a really great song about it. There isn’t a track I skip on the whole album, but there is one that I sometimes repeat. Single ‘Wanna Feel It’ is simply spectacular in all its laid back harmonious glory. It has a funk to it (never add a Y to that word if you are under 65) and real sass (same rule applies here) and feels like it should come with a complimentary pair of sunglasses.

The album drops June 4, so pencil that in as ‘gift yourself day’ and buy a copy. Just writing about it has me all hyped for the next long, jerky drive to the grocery store.

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