2022 Mushrooms & Classical Nudes Calendar

Finally, someone has had the good sense to mary ye-olde nude paintings with images of mushrooms and then make a calendar out of them.

Wasn’t last year, or perhaps the year before, you and I were sitting in a slowly deflating child’s pool, watching the sunset and discussing things we wished someone would hurry and invent? I told you of my dream of one day owning a beer koozie made of soap, and you said, ‘That’s a great idea—certainly better than your mini-umbrellas for cigarettes idea—but what I really want is a calendar that marries classical nudes with mushrooms.’ As I recall, you then nodded to yourself, passed a bubbly wind, and then took a hit from the bong we’d fashioned from an apple and a biro. Well, you’ll never believe it, Julie, but that calendar now exists, and according to its creators, it’s a ‘celebration of natural beauty, native mushrooms and the classical nude,’ featuring photography from some of Australia’s most prominent mushroom hunters.

 The Mushrooms & Nudes 2022 Calendar is a collage art calendar produced by Emma Anna and Martin Martini. Printed in Australia on archival stock, the calendar is 23cm x 32cm, wire-bound, and will set you back $44. That’s $3.66 per month. Not bad for nudey mushroom calendars. The price includes standard postage and handling within Australia, and these must-have items will begin shipping at the end of this month. For more info, contact bellyoftheworldmushrooms@gmail.com for overseas postage rates.

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