Photo: Steve Woods

2021 Ocean Photography Awards Nominees Announced

The nominees for this year’s Ocean Photography Awards have been announced, and you better believe most of the photos were taken underwater.

Which is a very duh thing to say, but I have to accommodate our simpler readers for fear of suffering their thicker-than-pigshit-wrath. Also, it helps to make this block of text look bigger to my bosses, who never read a word I write. You don’t believe me? Watch this: yesterday I saw a chimpanzee wearing a bikini rob a bank. This has nothing to do with the 2021 Ocean Photography Awards, but who’s reading anyway? Now, this year’s nominees for the OPA have produced some seriously mind-blowing work across a range of categories including Youth Photographer of the Year, Collective Portfolio, Community Choice, Conservation, and the inaugural Female Fifty Fathoms Award. Winners will be announced on September 16th, but until then get over to and have a look. It really is another world down there. WOW. Speaking of photo comps, I think we’ve got one coming up? Watch this space.

James Ferrara
Scott Portelli
Rodrigo Thome
Jake Wilton
Martin Broen
Ben Thouard

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