A man is violently ridiculed for crying at last year's party.

2019 Photo Annual Exhibition & Booze-Up

Do you like to party? Do you sometimes have invasive thoughts about partying? Have you ever come to in your underpants with a lampshade on your head? Do you know someone who has woke up with a lampshade on their head?

Partying is serious. And tomorrow night we’re having a massive, end-of-days, smash-the-punch-bowl-and-set-fire-to-the-curtains, pull-your-balls-out-your-fly-and-wait-till-someone-notices PARTY to announce the winners of our Photo Competition and to launch our end-of-year annual: Monster Children 65. This party is going down at our MC06 space at 6 Australia st. Camperdown, NSW, from 6 PM to 9 PM, tomorrow night, which is Thursday, December 5.

If you’re in Los Angeles and you like to party, we’ll be having a launch at our 1700 Naud space on December 12, from 7—11 PM. RSVP HERE.

In New York City, the launch will be at our gallery, 98 Orchard, on December 12, from 7 till 10 PM. Why an hour earlier than LA? The landlord. He says, ‘Please, be quiet. This is Chinatown.’ RSVP for that one HERE.

If you like to party and you’re from Hobart Bay, Alaska, you can RSVP for that party HERE.

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