The 2018 MC Photo Comp Winners are Here

The 2018 Monster Children Photo Competition drew an ocean of incredible photos, and the judges really had their work cut out for them.

You may remember last year’s deluge of entrants being so immense that the winners wound up being drawn from a hat. There just wasn’t enough time to go through them all. This year’s winning photos were chosen by the kid who sorts the mail and waters the plants. We think he did a pretty good job.

We’re joking, of course. Each and every one of the gazillion photos we received was carefully scrutinised by our panel of experts, and here are the six they chose. Each of our winners will be taking home their share of $30,000 in cash and prizes, thanks to our incredible sponsors DannerWanaka TourismHuffer, Hurley, Canon Australia and New Era. To everyone who entered this year, thanks ya beautiful bastards. Check out the winning snaps below, and we’ll catch you at MC Photo Comp 2019.

Music Presented by Hurley 

‘Rollinsville, CO’ by Benjamin Miles Littler @thereluctantastronaut

Student Presented by Wanaka Tourism

‘The long walk home, Jaipur, India,’ by Rose Hartley @apertureadjustment

Portrait Presented by Huffer

‘Nice to meet you Elliott’ by Luca Werner @canlucatutis

Action Presented by New Era

‘Trashin’ Timmey – FS flip’ by Filip Zuan @filipzuan

Lifestyle Presented by Danner

‘Blood Back’ by Seu Trinh @seutrinh

Travel Presented by Canon Australia 

‘Turkmenistan Carpool’ by John Laurie @johnlauriephoto

Check out our winners and all of our category finalists in the 2018 MC Annual print mag, on sale right here.

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