2017 MC Photo Comp Shortlist – Travel

The final shortlist reveal is in.

This is the one category that without fail, has us stumped every single year. With arguably the most entries of all the categories, we have stunning images from around the globe coming at us from left, right, and centre. But we finally managed to narrow it down, and are more than proud to present you with our favourite 10 photos from Travel for 2017, presented by Corona Extra.

The below list will be culled down to just five finalists and will be on display in all their glory at our Photo Comp parties in LA and Sydney this Thursday, 30th of November. We’ll be announcing all the winners from the entire Photo Comp: Student, Music, Portrait, Action, Lifestyle, and of course, Travel.

There’s $30k and eternal glory ready to be bestowed on six lucky entrants, stay tuned.

‘Beached, Carcavelas, Portugal’ by Ben Amando @benamando
‘When someone asks you why you always choose the window seat’ by Jonathon Shannon @jonathonshannon
‘Still here’ by Salty Davenport @saltydavenport
‘Washed out, Sunnmorealperna, Norway’ by Anders Neuman @nyquisten
‘Namibia dunes’ by Kane Overall @kaptainkirky
‘Homebound. A man tries to enter an already crowded train to go back to his hometown to celebrate Eid, the biggest Muslim festival in Bangladesh’ by Ata Adnan @ata_md_adnan
‘A lone Lada Niva sits along the shores of Song Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan. These cheap and notoriously bad cars are many families only mode of transport’ by Matt Horspool @etchd
‘Last light on the Cascades. Washington State’ by Zachary Snellenberger @zach_snell
‘Crossing’ by Md. Mahabub Hossain Khan @mahabubhossain
‘Solitude in the Mentawais’ by John Barton @johnnyjungle

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