2017 MC Photo Comp Shortlist – Student

The top of the class are all here.

So far we’ve shown you our top picks for the Action and Lifestyle categories of the MC Photo Comp, and now it’s time for the learned among us to bring something to the table, in the Student category presented by Billy Blue College of Design. As expected, the young guns of the comp brought the kind of energy and raw talent you’d expect of fresh-faced youth who’ve not yet become intimate with the 9-5. Our favourite 10 are below, and we’re pretty chuffed with our final selection.

This shortlist will be getting further cut down to just five finalists, whose photos will be on display at our Sydney and LA Photo Comp parties at the end of this month AND in our beloved Photo Annual print mag. You can speculate all you want about the winners, but you won’t be hearing peep out of us until the end of the month.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your ride on the gravy train because shortlists for PortraitMusic, and Travel are still to come.

‘Waterfall, Milford Sound, New Zealand’ by Georgia Griffiths @g_money.griffiths
‘Love in Detroit’ by Jennifer Wagley @jennnwagz
‘April Sky’ by Logan Kruse @logankruse
‘Keep pushin’ by João Figueiredo @johnny_lenn
‘Colorfully awaiting’ by Kailey Skelton @kaileyskelton
‘An alone figure stands at sunset. White Sands New Mexico’ by Patrick Saggers @patrick.aidan
‘Windswept’ by Phoebe Boyes @phoebeboyes
‘Passed out and bloody punter gets dragged out of a local gig’ by Pat O’Hara @pattohara
‘(not a) Virgin Mary. Shot on film, North West coast, Western Australia’ by Isabelle Osborne @i.osborne
‘Green Crates, Arizona’ by Henry Butterworth @henrybutters

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