2017 MC Photo Comp Shortlist – Portrait

Our first ever winner of the Portrait category is somewhere here.

2017 would become the year that we said a fond farewell to the Girls category and welcome in Portrait, presented by our friends at Huffer. Even in its first year the entries we received were phenomenal, making it one of the most hotly debated categories in the office. But, we finally managed to cut it down, and we think you’ll dig our top 10 picks below as much as we do.

This shortlist will be getting further cut down to just five finalists, whose photos will be on display at our Sydney and LA Photo Comp parties at the end of this month AND in our beloved Photo Annual print mag. You can speculate all you want about the winners, but you won’t be hearing peep out of us until the end of the month.

Stay tuned because shortlists for Music and Travel are still to come.

‘Camille in my home studio’ by Dane Peterson @d_peto
‘Spring Heat’ by Douglas Robichaud @killer_dogma
‘Helena Boxing Club’ by Brandon Markin @bnikram
‘Beeg in Mainland’ by Corban Campbell @yewview
‘Musician Charles Bradley’ by Lukas Maeder @photomaeder
‘Self-portrait’ by Margaret Durow @margaretdurow
‘Fries Taillieu, Barcelona. Fries didn’t skate much this trip because of an injury, but he’s one of the most stylish guys around, on & off the board’ by Yentl Touboul @yentlt
‘Johnny Seeing Double’ by Erin Hoffstetter @erinhoffstetter
‘Cigarillo. Texas, 2017’ by Tyler Pakstis @t.pak

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