2017 MC Photo Comp Shortlist – Music

We’re a big fan of anyone who puts their body on the line for the shot.

That’s where music photographers come in. The best photos often come from getting amongst the blood, sweat and tears of devoted fans and animalistic performers, and the shortlist for this year’s Music category, presented by Bulleit, is no exception.

This shortlist will be getting further cut down to just five finalists, whose photos will be on display at our Sydney and LA Photo Comp parties on the 30th of November AND in our beloved Photo Annual print mag. Until then, you’ll just have to keep speculating on the winners to your heart’s content.

Keep your eyes on the prize because we’ll be revealing our last shortlist (Travel) in the coming days.

‘Listen to the light’ by Sean Mullarkey @seanmullarkeyfotografe
‘Nick Allbrook held up and worshipped by Pond’s most devoted’ by Robbie Atkin-Robertson @robbieatkinphoto
‘Batz at Last Chance Rock N Roll Bar Melbourne’ by Stephen Boxshall @halo1469
‘The Pinheads’ by Andrew Bibby @bibbyphoto
‘Michael D’Addarrio of The Lemon Twigs’ by Patrick Do @patpatrickdo
‘LCD Soundsystem’ by Andrew Bibby @bibbyphoto
‘Metallica and their fans might be getting older, but the feeling stays the same’ by Adam Moran @adammoran
‘The best band you’ve never heard’ by Jack Bridgewater @hijacku
‘Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents’ by Charlie Hardy @charliehardy
‘Matt, Cage’ by Yana Yatsuk @yanayatsuk

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