2017 MC Photo Comp Shortlist – Action

Our second shortlist reveal is in, and how do you like them apples?

Last week we showed you our top ten picks for the Lifestyle category, and now it’s time for Action to step up to the chopping block. The entries we receive for this category each year are consistently ballistic, but this year outdid them all. Try culling the thousands of entries down to the top 10 below—it wasn’t easy, but we’re backing our picks wholeheartedly.

This shortlist will be getting further cut down to just five finalists, whose photos will be on display at our Sydney and LA Photo Comp parties at the end of this month AND in our beloved Photo Annual print mag. Can you guess the winner?

Please keep all body parts inside the vehicle, because shortlists for StudentPortraitMusic, and Travel categories are still to come.

‘Mason Silva and Fernando Bramsmark, wrestling for the lead during the death race final of the CPH Open. This year’s edition was one for the books’ by Yentl Touboul @yentlt
‘Dave Rastovich reclining into his Lennox throne’ by Marc Llewellyn @emvielle
‘Tom – FsFeeble’ by Erik Gross @erikgrossphoto
‘Jason Dill Wallride on some glass in Los Angeles, Ca’ by Anthony Acosta @aacostaa
‘Weekend in Butte, MT’ by Vincent Bredemus @vinniebredemus
‘Cortney Brown dealing with a bad life decision. (He lives)’ by Chris White @chris.whitey
‘Madars Apse – Ollie Jake’ by Jake Darwen @jakedarwen
‘Ocean Beach SF’ by Michael Baca @baca4149
’60 footer at Nazare, Portugal’ by Seth de Roulet @seth_de_roulet
He holds it up at 12 O’Clock’ by Matthew Thorne @matthewjjthorne

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