The 2017 Annual is On Sale Now

The ink has dried on our final issue of the year.

The 2017 Photo Annual’s packed full of everything from the photographic world that’s got us excited throughout the year, including the winners of our annual Photo Comp. It’s a rarity to have your photos treated with respect in the print format in this day and age, and we take great pleasure in giving young upstarts the opportunity to see themselves in print. Asides from the class of ’17 we were also fortunate enough to feature the work of maestro Polly Borland (including a picture of Her Majesty the Queen—in MC, who would’ve thunk it!), trip around Australia with Beren Hall, get behind the scenes access to a new film by Emmett and Brendon Malloy, The Tribes of Palos Verdes, and so much more. There’s only one way to see it all, hit the link and shell out the price for one and a half beers.

The Photo Comp

One of the satisfying things about the Photo Comp is getting to stoke out the short-listers and winners by getting their efforts into print. It’s not often that the budding photographers are given the opportunity to see their wares on the page, so it’s quite special to be the gatekeepers of such an honour, and it’s something that we take great pride in.

Get your hands on The Annual here.

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