Benedict Brink in Graceland

 New York based photographer Benedict Brink decided to take a road trip last month to Graceland, Tennessee. Joined by her friend Dana Kopel, she captured the essence of an impromptu trip to the South – bars, diners, super creepy hotels, and of course, Elvis Presley’s living room. Jump in the car, throw all your expectations out the window, and head down to Graceland. And if you can’t, just look at Benedict’s pictures instead. Her camera will take you there.

Photography by Benedict Brink, captions by Dana Kopel.


Elvis Presley’s living room


Wonder Bread factory, Union Ave., Memphis. All abandoned buildings and neon-lit nightclubs


Inside the Wonder Bread factory (no photos allowed)


Sun Studios at night


Diner in Memphis—Chinese food and sandwiches. Mostly empty.


Elvis at home


Good Vibes bar on the outskirts of Nashville


After the jazz trio, Sitwell’s, Cincinnati—drinking red wine in juice glasses, watching one of the musicians try to pick up women.


Lobby of the Cedar Lake Motel. Hard to guess from here that the rooms all looked like snuff film sets

In the “plain” room of the Cedar Grove Motel, Altoona, PA

In the “plain” room of the Cedar Grove Motel, Altoona, PA


Deer in the woods Wallpaper in our room, with a fist-sized hole punched in it


Ice machine outside our room


Inside a great old mansion in Memphis, in a rough neighborhood southeast of downtown


Inside the same great old mansion as above.

You can also find more of Benedict’s photography here.

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