Photo by Max Zappas

20 Leading Artists Are Banding Together for Under Threat Manyana

This Saturday, over 20 of Australia’s leading artists will join forces to stop the development of unburnt bushland in Manyana on the NSW South Coast.

The battle against OzyHomes is not a new one for the local community—for months now, the small coastal town has banded together to stop bulldozers from tearing through unburnt bushland, which has become a refuge for endangered animals that survived Australia’s black summer of bushfires.

But this weekend’s event, Occupy the Fence, will aim to put a spotlight on the Manyana community’s important struggle by bringing together prominent Aussie artists including Abdul Abdullah, Janet Laurence, Jonny Niesche, Jason Phu, Deborah Kelly, and more.

A terrible burden 2019 oil on linen 180cm x 240cm – Abdul Abdullah

Over the weekend, artists will create artworks for Occupy the Fence, turning the two-metre tall security mesh fence that encloses the threatened bushland into an ephemeral outdoor exhibition. The roster of artists will be working solo and in collaboration with members of the community to produce works that reflect the power, beauty and ecological significance of the forest on the site set to be cleared.

Occupy the Fence will take place on 11 July 2020, 10am – 4pm on Berringer Rd, Manyana.

Abdul Abdullah
Agatha Gothe Snape
Alexandra Standen
Anna-Wili Highfield
Anna Plunkett (Romance Was Born)
Caroline Rothwell
Deborah Kelly
James Drinkwater
Jane Theau
Janet Laurence
Jason Phu
Jasper Knight
Jenny Turpin
Joan Ross
Jodie Whalen
Jonny Niesche
Juz Kitson
Larraine Larri
Laura Jones
Leila Jeffreys
Lottie Consalvo
Lucas Davidson
Marisa Purcell
Mitch Cairns
Natalie O’Loughlin
Rae Begley
Tom Polo

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