White Fence


Words and photography by Chris Thomas

“This record, I had to make a change, not drastic, but a change nonetheless. My room was tired of me, so we took a break, and I fucked some other room.”

The above quote is a small excerpt from the letter Tim Presley included when delivering his 6th record as White Fence to new label, Drag City. It’s always hard deciding when it’s time to move on and fuck another room, I get it. People change, sounds change, and sometimes walls start wearing too much make-up in an effort to appear fresh and new. But if done in the right way, and at the right time, fucking some other room can prove to be the best decision an artist can ever make. I mean, you can’t really blame the dude – 5 records in 4 years with the same room? Shit had to be getting stale. They probably didn’t even talk at dinner anymore. So in order to break the monotony, Presley enlisted friend and former collaborator Ty Segall as producer, and White Fence’s recent touring drummer Nick Murray from Thee Oh Sees. Collectively, the 3 of them fucked Ty’s garage studio in LA.

A couple months later a baby named For The Recently Found Innocent was born, and it’s by far the most cohesive and solid White Fence record to date. Still drenched in psych folk nostalgia, the new recording method, and inclusion of an actual drummer, gives the record a noticeably louder and modern vibe, with their punk influences clearer than ever –  something their live performances have been reflecting for years.

In celebration of the new record, back-to-back release shows where held at The Echo in Los Angeles, the first happening Thursday night, with Ty Segall sitting in as a surprise guitar (and keyboard) guest for the evening. Enjoy the images below from Thursday night’s show.

WF_2 WF_3 WF_4 WF_5 WF_6 WF_7 WF_8 WF_10 WF_12

For the Recently Found Innocent bis available now via Drag City


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