Side Streets: Raymond Molinar

Photos by Alex Schmidt

Have you ever had one of those friends who tends to be good at everything they do?

Well, for me that’s Raymond Molinar. From skateboarding, to photography, to playing the guitar at a friends bon fire over a couple beers he never seems to disappoint. The dude has passion for creative things, and can pick up on new interests quickly. The interview below will give you a little take on his intro to fatherhood, to hanging with The Boyz and may get some questions cleared up about recent sponsor change. Besides that, just sit and wonder.


State your full name?
Raymond Charles Molinar.

How long have you lived in Los Angeles?
Six years.

If you had to choose between living in Riverside and San Diego, where would you choose? 
Riverside for sure. I’d rather be surrounded by meth heads and scooters than the rampant tattooed long haired bikers in San Diego.

I know you just had a beautiful baby boy, how’s life as a father? 
It’s a full-time job. It has frustrating moments, but being able to mould and see the progression of your own baby is amazing. It’s hard to put in words. It’s made me stronger, more focused, and a hell of a lot more responsible. He’s nine months now, and just the sweetest kid.

Want to shed some light on you parting ways with Cons? 
I was too old? (laughs) It was a nice ride; I thank Steve Luther for all of that. He’s the man. I’m happy they have Jake Johnson, probably the coolest dude they’ve put on since my leave in my opinion. I like a skater with creativity and raw style.

We have your WKND/Thrasher part linked here, any behind the scene details worth sharing about making that project?
Not really.

You’ve been interested in photography for quite some time, what motivates you to go out and shoot and how was it shooting behind the scenes for Alex Prager?
Lately I’ve been finding myself working on projects more than just going out and shooting random shit I always shoot. I find projects have more meaning to me than just a good photo. Don’t get me wrong. I always have a camera with me, but just lately what motivates me is having an idea and going with that. I think people like Alex Prager, Gregory Crewdson, Alessandra Sanguinetti or other fine art/conceptual photographers have challenged me and made me think outside of what I’m used to shooting. It’s a nice change.

Tell us a little something about The Boyz.
The Boyz is a crew of heads who skate together. It all started from making little iPhone edits on my phone of us just filming when nothing serious was going down. It got down to the point where some of the boys preferred to film with an iPhone because it wasn’t so serious. It’s an outlet for creativity. The Boyz consist of good times, and copious amounts of beers. Cheers!

Pacifico’s or Modelo’s?
Four lokos.

Alright Raymond, is the D in you?
The D is way deep inside me. I can’t seem to shake it off.

Check out Raymond’s Tumblr for some of his amazing photos and his Vimeo for more iPhone edits.

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