Behind the shot: Andrew Peters

Ryan Sheckler - Action

Andrew Peters shot the photo of Ryan Sheckler’s massive kickflip over the stairs and bench for the cover of #43. Here is his behind the shot story.

This spot in Sydney sat here for a few years before anyone attempted to fly over it. It’s in between a couple of spots so we would pass it when we were getting around skating and look at the thing like “it’s possible, who’s gonna do it”. I always had the fantasy of shooting the photo and thought about how I’d go about it etc. Finally the rumor ran around that someone got over it. It was a guy Macca who I wasn’t quite friends with yet and in a way, when I heard about it I was kinda devastated that I didn’t get to shoot a picture as it had really stuck out in my head as a great opportunity for an epic photo. I figured, no one is ever gonna do anything else over this thing, it’s too big. A few months later Dylan Rieder was in town and got taken to the thing. Again, I wasn’t around and he 180’d it and it was shot as a sequence and I couldn’t believe I’d missed my opportunity. I thought surely the 180 was the end of this spot, nothing else can happen.

Ryan came out to Sydney to film for his show and I was taking them around to spots. We were on the way to something else down the road and I just pointed over to the plaza and was like “Oh, there’s this thing over there that Dylan 180’d but it’s ridiculous” and we kept on going to the next spot. Nothing really worked out at the spot I took them to and as we were packing up and leaving Ryan was like “let’s check out that thing back up the road, I might be into it”. Honestly, I was trying to be a realist, or maybe just a pessimist, but my hopes were low, anything else over this thing didn’t seem plausible. Also for a regular footer to skate it you have to take a different line and the run up is retarded. You have to go so fast and go between a bench and some stairs that is barely wide enough to fit a board, so setting up your feet and getting over this is not so possible. Me of little faith though witnessed the unimaginable. I got pretty excited when the idea was thrown out there like “I’m gonna kickflip this thing”. I had the photo in my head already, composition worked out and everything but then I got nervous. It had literally been years in my head and it was coming to a climax, “don’t fuck this thing up” is all I could think.

Ryan works damn quick. Every time I’ve skated with him it’s been a pretty impulse idea and it’s gonna happen right then and there while his adrenalin is high. We all set up quick and he was flying over the thing. A few went haywire but within about 5 tries he was rolling away from the thing. Thank you Ryan for proving me wrong and making this photo come to life ha-ha.

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