Walkthrough: WAYDAT? in Sydney

RVCA Australia presented the group exhibition, What Are You Doing After This? in Sydney last month. Featuring some very special artists currently living and working in New York & Los Angeles, the collection of work spans across a wide range of disciplines including photography, video, sculpture, painting and mixed media. The only theme of the entire project is the tight knit friendship among the artists and the work they produce.

Neckface, Leo and Weirdo Dave walk us through the gallery as it stood in Sydney and lovingly rip shreds / support their very close friends.

Artists: Alex Olson, Tino Razo, Neckface, Fuck This Life, Christopher Shonting, Curtis Buchanan, Nina Long, Jerry Hsu, Jeffrey Potocar, Kevin Long, Leo Fitzpatrick, Meryl Smith, Bill Strobeck, Lele Saveri, Atiba Jefferson & Todd Jordan.

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