19 Minutes of Marc Johnson Interview Outtakes

Spoiler: skateboarding saved Marc Johnson’s life.

That’s what you learn at the end of this just under nineteen-minute clip of an emotional MJ in a straw hat seemingly talking to no one. But you won’t catch him posting a #tbt about itMarc’s actually talking to Lucas Beaufort and the clip is comprised of interview outtakes from the documentary Devoted, a tribute to people who’ve spent their life documenting skateboarding in print. Another spoiler: Marc doesn’t care about your throwaway social media clips. He treads a lot of common old-guy skater ground here but I can’t say I disagree: yes, print and social media are apples and oranges; yes, waiting a month for a magazine to arrive at your doorstep isn’t the same as scrolling through endless images on a phone. I’d rather watch nineteen minutes of MJ skating any day but, if you’re a big fan, it does give a solid bit of insight to the madness that is MJ and a reminder that, print or not, if you want to see something cool in the world you can go and try to make it yourself. Print is dead, long live print.

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