Freebies from Agenda Long Beach

More like Agenda Long Day, am I right? “Walking the show” (industry speak for aimlessly wondering from booth to booth looking for free shit) really takes it’s toll on the calves. I spent the car trip to Agenda fantasizing about all the cool stuff I was gonna get my little mitts on and take home, complimentary. Straight out of the gate, everything felt out of my reach. Sunglasses cabinets with locks, drawers of product blocked by shins; even the gum seemed hard to swipe. For 3 hours I stumbled around like a lost 7 year-old in a grocery store looking for their mum. Then, at 12.06pm, I happened upon St Archer’s beer tent. With the solid belief that it was 5pm somewhere, I downed a couple white ales and came down with a serious case of Dutch Courage. I made room in my tote and set about to fill it til its seams threatened to burst. By 5pm it was so packed with goodies I had to use my hands to balance Johnny the Succulent, who I swiped from Globe. You’ll read more about him below, in my list of the top 7 free things I got/stole from Agenda.


photo 2

That’s right, the legends at Leica gave Monster Children not one but two cameras. What? You were at Agenda too and didn’t get a free Leica camera? What a shame. I honestly feel terrible for you. Do you want me to take a photo of your sad face with my* new Leica camera?

*The camera in question was actually handed to our publisher, Chris, and another to our Editor, Jason. BUT it left Agenda in my bag, so, whose is it, really?



photo 3

Originally, Electric’s photographer, Maddison, was going to be what I took from their booth. She agreed to pack herself into a box and just sit at my house for 24 hours and be my friend. At some point she recanted her offer when she realized she had a life, and so I half-asked-half-took a jar of Starburst I saw on their table. Then a black-clad superwoman by the name of Lorena appeared out of nowhere, unscrewed the jar, put a watch inside, and then handed it back to me like nothing had happened. True story. Tick Tock.



photo 2

To be honest, by the time I rolled around to Globe, I was a little unsteady on my feet. Trying to keep it together, I opened my mouth to say, “It’s so great to finally put a face to the name!” for the ten thousandth time when I noticed the mushroom patterned wallpaper of their booth. “Can I please have some wallpaper?” I asked Allie; which made no sense because it was glued onto wood and I didn’t have a chainsaw in my pocket. After some head scratching, their art director appeared with a wonderful little potted plant and said, “His name is Johnny Succulent.”



photo 3

At first I threatened the world’s foxiest marketing director, Julia from Raen, with petty theft. I said I was going to steal her mirror, but because I liked her so much, I’d bring it back tomorrow. She said “No way Jose”, and I replied “My name is Erin.” Instead of kicking me out of her booth, she gave me a free pair of sunnies that really fit my bone structure. I got 3 compliments on them while I was waiting for my fried chicken sandwich at lunch. She’s really good at her job.



photo 1

Skullcandy’s booth this year was super cool, because it wasn’t a booth, it was a bar. With a really friendly bartender. We parked at the bar for quite some time, and left with a pint glass that they had originally planned to serve the beer in, but because of rules, couldn’t. The more I think about it, the more friendly people I remember at the Skullcandy bar, like Jeff in marketing. Pretty sure he understood one in every 5 words I said in my convict accent, but smiling is a universal language and he spoke plenty of it.



photo 4

The guy who gave me this little bottle said I had a ‘happy face.’ It looked even happier a minute later.




Volcom kind of killed it with their vibe at Agenda this year. They had a huge space and decked it out with a bunch of white picnic tables, with all their employees dressed in all white. A ton of their employees also happen to be really good looking with deep tans and bright eyes. So when the end of the day rolled around, I didn’t want stickers, or a tee shirt. I wanted a number to text message. It was the best and last thing I got for free at Agenda. And then my phone died.

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