Photos: Ryan Allan


“I worked on this shoe for almost two years. I’m really excited about it. I’m hoping some kids will like it. I’m sure it’ll get some heat, as these shoes normally do. I spent a long time on it; the development of it and the function, the measurements, and the leather. I’m pretty hyped. This shoe is definitely more of a skate friendly shoe than I’ve done in the past, it’s got kind of like a higher end athletic feel to it. It’s really fucking comfortable. I think everybody who puts it on their foot is gonna be like “damn, that’s a comfortable shoe.”  — Dylan


Turns out the kids like it, because yesterday, Dylan’s first signature shoe for HUF, The Dylan, sold out in all sizes but one. The Dylan comes in all black or all white, with a full-grain burnished leather upper, new grippy-tread rubber cup outsole with cutaway sidewalls for flexibility, reinforced midsole and internal heel stabilizer, and a million other stylish features. And of course, it’s high-end fashion inspired. It looks as slick as a Dylan shoe should look.

Ryan Allan ventured to Berlin with Dylan and took some shots to coincide with his shoe release video. Enjoy.






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