Will Adler

Will Adler by Michael A Muller-50Portrait by Michael A. Muller

Will Adler is an LA-based surf & editorial photographer. His ocean and beach landscapes are dreamy and dazed; like a vacation for the eyes. Surf culture is in Adler’s blood – his brother is Travers Adler, and his uncle is surf book publisher T. Adler, based in Santa Barbara. This past week, his photography show opened at the Danziger Gallery in NYC. The show runs through the month of July, so be sure to check it out if you find yourself in New York.

All images below: Will Adler

Mexico 2012 20x30 IMG_4432

Walk 2009 15x22_MG_3327

Waikiki 2010 16x24

Surfrider 2013 M44A4946

Ship wrecks 2009 20x30_MG_0219

fog 18x24

Eel Grass 2009 18x24_MG_8738

Cottens 2009 15x22_MG_8277

Arch 2009 18x24 w.adler_287

Travers 2010 w.adler584

All images of exhibition in gallery Michael A. Muller

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