The Fresh & Onlys

Sometimes in a shared work space, it’s difficult to find music that everyone can agree on. Someone wants hip hop at 9.15am, someone wants to relive the g(l)ory days of Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Fairytales after a heavy meal at lunch. There’s always at least one unhappy camper. So imagine my surprise and delight when I gave The Fresh & Only’s new album, House of Spirits, a whirl on our AirPlay contraption – hi tech shit here at MC HQ – and no one said a word. They just hummed along. And then, when it ended, they asked if I could play it again. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. The band just released the video to the single ‘Animal of One’ from the new record. Personally I think it’s the best song on the album, and my all-agreeing desk-sharing friends are nodding in harmonious consensus.

House of Spirits is out now on Mexican Summer.

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