On The Road. Day 1


I’ve just flown out to SF to pick up a 69’ Dodge Dart with my buddy Joe. We’re driving all the way back to New York, and this is the first installment of my road trip diary.

Right now I’m writing from my hotel room in Cannery Row, Monterey. This is Steinbeck Country, and I could not be more stoked because he’s one of my favorite authors. Cannery Row is the stage for my favorite Steinbeck book: Cannery Row, and once I get out of bed I’m going down to look at Ed Rickets’ (Doc’s) laboratory (that’ll mean something if you’ve read the book. You should read this book if you haven’t already)
Yesterday was brutal. We flew out of JFK, landed in SF six hours later, caught a two-hour bus ride to Petaluma, walked 40-minutes to the storage facility holding the car, then went to In-N-Out burger, then drove the two hours to Monterey. By the time we found a hotel it was midnight–3am East coast time–so we were pretty beat.
Today we drive through Big Sur and on to LA where we’ll go say hi to the West Coast Monster Children gang, and pick up Warren Smith who will be joining us as far as New Orleans. It just occurred to me that there isn’t a single stupid Joke in this whole thing. Sorry. Promise to be a bigger idiot tomorrow. Pictured: Joe about to unveil the Dart.

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