Mexico with Mike D and Spike Jonze


Every surf trip needs a playlist. A set of no more than 15 songs that just get blasted on repeat as you drive up and down the coast….

Checking one spot then another, and another, then another because Tommy thinks it’ll be working with this wind, but isn’t. Then you check a few more only to end up back where you began two hours prior. Without a surf, and now hungry.

Our Baja surf story in issue #43 was no different. Two cars with two crews lead by our guest editor Mike D and Spike Jonze, spawning two unique playlists.

Here’s who were in the cars and this is what they listened to. For the full story, pick up a copy of issue #43 and if your onto it, you already have Beats Music and can listen to these playlists and a tonne more at here.


Mike D, Kassia Meador, Rob Machado, Photographer Morgan Maassen


Frank Ocean, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Diplo—Hero

Portugal. The Man—Work All Day

Jai Paul—BTSTU (demo)

Can—Sing Swan Song

Silver Apples—Lovefingers

T Rex—Life’s a Gas

Neil Young— Journey Through the Past

Led Zeppelin—Good Times Bad Times

Soko feat. Ariel Pink—Monster Love

MIA feat. The Weeknd—Sexodus

Major Lazer—Get Free

Jai Paul—Jasmine (demo)

Cassius—I <3 U So

Brian Eno—Some of Them Are Old

Christian Tiger School—Various cuts

Darkside—Golden Arrow

Chromatics—Tick of the Clock

Kanye West feat. Bon Iver—Lost in the World

Chief Keef—Citgo

Kanye West—Blood on the Leaves

EPMD—You Gots to Chill


Spike Jonze, Ford Archbold, Alex Knost, Tanner Rozunko and cinematographer Alex Kopps


Billy Joel—The Longest Time (start a 6am drive with this and everyone is feeling pretty good)

Jane’s Addiction—Summertime Rolls


Guided by Voices—A Salty Salute

David Bowie—Five Years

Pavement—In the Mouth a Desert

Future Islands—Seasons (Waiting on You)

The Strokes—Someday (As we got closer to the spot, we would start picking it up…)

Minor Threat—Salad Days

X—Los Angeles

Television Personalities—Part Time Punks

Velvet Underground—Lady Godiva’s Operation

Pavement—Gold Soundz

The B-52’s—Rock Lobster


Listen to them both HERE

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