There’s something about that land mass across the ditch – let it be a precious ring, or empty lineups – it’s always going to draw you back. Filmmaker Owen Milne made his way to New Zealand, with plans of a simple snatch and grab, 12 day surf trip. Little did Owen know, that a couple of months later he would return to Australia with countless adventures under his belt, new friendships, strength in old mates and having scored crisp, perfect waves for days. ‘LEMONYIP LIVIN’ follows NZ surfer Ricardo Christie as he goes back to basics – hitting the road, in his own backyard, with a collection of his favourite legends Billy Stairmand, Andrew Mooney, Albee Layer and Tim O’Connor.

“Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way”

Clear your schedule for the next 20mins. Then maybe for the next couple of weeks after that.

Filmed and Directed by Owen Milne

MC: How did the film come about?
OM: I went to New Zealand with the mindset of a maximum 12 day roady around New Zealand with Ricardo, Billy and Mooney. Our first of eight road trips together didn’t start until about my 10th day being in New Zealand. During that time Ricardo and I started speaking about doing our first film together. It wasn’t long after a few early morning coffee schemes that we had our film “LEMONYIPLIVIN” planned out.

MC: What’s behind the name of the film?
OM: LEMONYIP = Ricardo
LIVIN = Adventuring New Zealand
Our film is basically about experiencing the life of Ricardo Christie around his home of New Zealand. Breaking out of the grind and going out and enjoying some of his homelands nature. He meets up with friends along the way Billy Stairmand, Andrew Mooney, Albee Layer and Tim O’Connor.

MC: How did you meet Ricardo and the lads?
OM: I actually got to meet Ricardo and Billy in Hawaii in 2013. Ric came and stayed with Riley Laing and I while we were shooting a Hawaii series together. Ric was doing the Triple Crown at the time with Billy. I have been shooting with Mooney for the past couple of years around home. It was epic I got to meet and hang out with a bunch of cool people like Albee Layer and Tim O’Connor who feature in the film.

MC: Tell me what unfolded during the expedition?
OM: We based out of Ricardo’s home on the North Island but very regularly jumped in the van (the wet mattress) chasing fun waves. We did missions all over New Zealand with the lads surfing and enjoying what it had to offer. It’s such an amazing experience to be able to do roady’s around New Zealand, it actually makes driving long distances less boring due to the fact of the amazing landscapes the whole way.

MC: The most important thing you learned about NZ?
OM: To enjoy living

MC: The second most important thing you learned about NZ?
OM: That we are so lucky to have such a raw and amazing place so close to home !

MC: How simple was it to escape and find empty waves?
OM: Well there was nothing hard about it

MC: What’s next for you?
OM: I never quite know whats going to be around the corner for me , exactly how this trip panned out. It makes the whole adventure a lot more exiting when it’s not planned.

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