Want to listen to ‘Swallowed By The Mist’, written and recorded by ((sounder)), featuring Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy? There are two ways, both winners. You can watch the film it was exclusively written for, Volcom’s epic feature True to This, and sway as the smooth sounds compliment the sublime cinematography and board riding artistry on showcase. Or, you can listen to it on your record player at home. But how? By tearing out the super high-tech vinyl flexi disk inserted into Monster Children #42! So cool, right?

The flexi only snuck into so many of #42, so you can hit the lottery at select retailers, or receive a guaranteed loaded copy from the MC USA store by chicking here.

News just in, there’s actually a third way you can hear the song. If you’re a lazy sob, you can listen here, and while it’ll still sound every bit as beautiful, it won’t be as much of an adventure.

We hit up Mike Aho of ((sounder)) and Director of Volcom’s ‘True To This’ to ask him about the song and film.

How did the song come about? Was it created specifically for the film and with the visuals it was accompanying in mind?

I had kind of been writing some of the lyrics before making the film, but after we shot the water ramp footage, I thought it would be a great place in the movie for an introspective song about a person’s desire to be free… Which is kind of where the song was headed.  So as I was beginning to work on True To This, I thought it would be cool to write it more specifically for that scene, so I think a lot of the lyrics and tone was influenced heavily by the footage.

What was it like having Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy on the track? Did you always have him in mind to feature on the track?

It was amazing. I’ve worked with him on other stuff, done some music videos for him, and he starred in a film I wrote and directed called The Lonely Life, but writing a song and hearing through his voice, one of my all time favorites, was completely amazing.  He’s one of the greats.

Music is such an important part of a film. Do you have a certain process you go through to find music for different parts of the film?

I just listen and listen and listen until something clicks. I suppose that moment in time when something clicks is really what sets the tone of a film, and it’s interesting to think about how differently that would work for someone else… What would ‘click’ for them, and how the movie would be different. Making a film is a really personal journey… and an exhausting journey.

How is it directing and editing a film with surfing, skating and snowboarding all in one? 

That was certainly the biggest challenge.  But we knew it could work, we know that there is still a shared spirit there, and that’s what we wanted to illuminate. I think it feels right in this context, with Volcom’s long history of great films, it was exciting and terrifying to throw my hat in the ring… But I’m happy I did. Ryan Immegart actually threw my hat in the ring… And I’m glad he did.

When can we expect the deluxe box set to be released? What’s included in the box set?

Next month. It’s a blue ray disc of the film, a 50 min documentary on Veeco Film Productions, a 48-page photo book and a 7″ of the song ‘Swallowed by the mist’ that I did with Bonnie Billy.

Buy: ‘True To This’ on iTunes here

Buy: ‘True To This’ Box Set here which includes the ((sounder)) ‘Swallowed by the mist’ 7″

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