RIP Bunny Yeager

The cult female photographer of the ’50s and ’60s, Bunny Yeager has just passed away. Starting out as a pin-up model herself, she eventually took over the camera and began shooting  friends in the nude. She was most famous for her work with Bettie Page and in the end, more of Page’s images (by Yeager) were featured on magazine covers than of Marilyn Monroe.

Last year in an interview about her work, Yeager said: “I’m not doing it to titillate anybody’s interests. I want to show off how beautiful my subjects are, whether it’s a cheetah or a live girl or two of them together. That’s more important to me than anything.”

slide_255448_1615875_free 11135_BunnyYeager_HighRes tumblr_luzp2yBz1v1qa70eyo1_1280 94fd40_b0ca7ad5b35f999756c493d005c3f768.jpg_srz_2300_2238_85_22_0.50_1.20_0 bunny-yeager-01Bettie-Page-by-Bunny-Yeager

Here’s a video aptly called Teaserama from the ’50s of Page and other pin-ups doing their dancing thing

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