Shit Going on in Skateboarding: 5/27

In this segment we bring you current news in skateboarding, along with the opinions of a 20 year old manchild. (Enjoy it, or not. Who cares?)


This left my jaw dropping. Two words … Holy shit. People that constantly skate Washington St. park or San Pedro are getting too wild. How did this person even think of doing this, much less on a 10 foot quarterpipe with pool coping. You are crazy my friend.


Recently, a video came out of Tony hawk jumping over a Mini Cooper, probably as a part of some campaign deal he has. Probably gets a free car out of it too. Good move on Mini Cooper’s part because the Hawkman has been killing it recently. Not only is he extremely famous (which alone could be his selling point) but he just got a second wind of skating.

Two FULL parts and a guest appearance in his son Riley’s Shep Dawg 4 part? Hawk Soty 2015?


Speaking of Riley Hawk, him and his friends recently put out a video with the persona Shep Dawgs: Vol 4. The Shep Dawgs is a crew based out of San Diego that features the likes of Rowan Zorilla, Aj Zavala, Riley Hawk, Taylor Kirby, Julian Heller, Taylor Smith and many more. As of the past year or so, it seems as if “friends” videos are getting as gnarly, if not gnarlier than full-blown company videos. The kids are hungry and are going out to get it. The part that was my personal favorite though was Aj Zavala.

Starting his part off strong with a pop shuv-it revert and the coolest hippie hop ever, AJ does not disappoint. He does it all, get’s creative, skates down big stairs and gnarly fucking rails. The only thing that could’ve made this part better however, is if there was one line in it. It was just face-melting banger after banger. I mean there could have been a little more variety. Also, it seems like slappies down clipper are becoming a big thing now-a-days. Third trick in the last 3 months, what up?

Screen shot 2014-05-24 at 1.32.17 PM


Tommy Karangelov came out with a new part fairly soon after his appearance in Zero’s Cold War video. This man gets extremely creative, skating the strangest and coolest looking spots, things that you would only know about because you grew up in the neighborhood. That’s why I like Tom; he makes it seem like skating in your hometown is the best, which it is. (Unless you live in like Wisconsin or something, in that case good luck.) He has a great personality, loves hanging out with his dawgs and likes to get things done, no matter the hour or day.

Screen shot 2014-05-24 at 1.49.10 PM

Rumor has it that he actually has left the Zero camp very recently to join up with one of the new companies that has sprung up in the last year. FA? 3D? Bianca? What will it be Thomas??

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