Some great European skateboarding has appeared online over the past two months.

Anybody with Instagram probably saw Lucas Puig’s insane manoeuvre at MACBA, however I want to talk about a few features that may have fallen under the radar. Eurotrash was a programme that used to air on late-night British television. Although it mainly comprised of two French guys doing comedy sketches, it also contained a fair bit of nudity. And so, in the era before the internet, teenagers would regularly tune in to try and catch a glimpse of some boobs. I actually remember when me and my mate once walked in on his older brother masturbating to it. Completely caught in the act, he tried to play it like he mistook the programme for football highlights from the European Cup. The whole thing was pretty funny, especially because his excuse begged the question: “Why were you wanking to football?” Anyway, for some reason I thought that ‘Eurotrash’ would be a witty title for this post.

First and foremost is the Magenta/Caste collaboration. These two companies partnered together to produce the limited Rapport Jacket, which was released alongside a two-part video profile of Magenta Skateboards. You may remember Caste from The Philadelphia Experiment and these two pieces certainly measure up to the high standard that it set. Part One covers the Parisian origins of the company, while Part Two focuses upon its evolving direction. Watch them both and see Magenta tick all the right boxes once again.

Speaking of “The City of Light,” Paris resident Stephen Malet’s section from Video Nasty was recently re-edited. Here, nice trick selection combines with quirky spots and an up-tempo song to create something that should get everyone stoked. But while we’re on the subject of remixes, Fred Mortagne’s The Devil’s Toy Redux must be mentioned. Starring Flo Mirtain, Fred voices the trials and tribulations of skateboarders all over the world. I imagine that most would agree with everything said in this video, but the comments on HD, time lapses and slow motion are particularly pertinent.

Shifting over to Germany, Lem Villemin just turned pro. Injury meant that Lem only had a small section in Cliché’s Bon Voyage, so this part was highly anticipated but definitely worth the wait. In other German news, Ashes Griptape uploaded a sick Steve Forstner edit. Steve recently parted with long-time board sponsor Antiz Skateboards, hence the title ‘Unemployment.’ This edit is hilarious, has rad music, fun skating and ultimately reiterates the fact that Steve is the best.

Then, moving over to the Iberian Peninsula, Emerica Europe came out with an edit from a trip to Barcelona in late April. Featuring Eniz Fazilov, Rob Maatman, Kevin Baekkel and Nisse Ingemarson, you have to look out for that ridiculous 360 flip ender. Converse Europe, on the other hand, visited Lisbon and took along a group including Harry Lintell, Javier Mendizabal, Rémy Taveira, Kevin Rodrigues and Jerome Campbell. Don’t ask me why, but I thought the music choice for Lisbon Story was awesome. Furthermore, the stuff in this edit is gnarly and any Javier footage is–as always–a treat.

Thus we move to the U.K. In April, a couple of exclusive parts were released through Henry Kingsford’s Grey Skateboard Magazine. First, Manchester’s very own Joe Gavin came out with an edit at the beginning of the month. Filmed by Jim Craven, Joe kills it as per usual throughout this entire video, handling spots that are seriously hard to skate with absolute ease. I think that this is best demonstrated in his switch front 180 over the bump-to-bar, however some of the lines Joe puts together are equally as impressive. A Kyron Davis section then appeared towards the end of April. Filmed by Will “The Virgin Slayer” Miles, the angles and soundtrack immediately make this edit unique. But combine that with Kyron’s superhuman board control and you’re left with something truly special. Will’s a close friend of mine, so I suppose that I’m prone to disposition, still this edit gets my highest recommendation. Finally, to conclude, it seems fitting to mention that Isle Skateboards announced their latest video project a couple of days ago. Named Vase, it will be filmed by Jake Harris and will feature the whole Isle team.

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