Static 4 Premiere DTLA

The Static IV LA premiere is tonight at the Downtown Independent at 251 South Main Street at 9:30.

The goal of Static videos has always been to work with materials that are being ignored. But now everyone comes to New York and includes a cab, the skyline, someone grabbing onto a car, a roller door and some graffiti. I would never choose to focus around New York City now because it’s become almost played-out, but I love the city and it hasn’t been portrayed the right way. When you’re down in the tunnel on a New York subway, it feels like you’re back in the late ’80s or early ’90s—everything is stuck back in time. How do you get a feeling across of when you’re in a subway tunnel and the express train catches up next to you, and you’re looking through a window and there are people in their own little world inside this tube going past you? – Josh Stewart, who directed the film

Read more on Stewart here.

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