The 9/11 Memorial Museum is Opening

The New York Times has created a comprehensive and interactive virtual tour of The National September 11 Memorial Museum.

The structure, which took 13 years to create, commemorates not only the 3,000 who died on September 11, but also the victims of the ’93 bombing, which killed six. At the entrance of the museum there are clusters of 400 white oak swamp trees surrounding two large recessed pools where the towers once stood. Water falls from the rims of the acre-wide pools where the names of victims, including those from the Pentagon, American Airlines flight 77, United Airlines flight 93 and from the 1993 bombing, are inscribed. (These are the largest man-made waterfalls in the United States.) To enter the structure, visitors descend 30 feet below street level to view various artifacts including American Airlines slippers found at the site, fire trucks and steel beams twisted by direct impact with the planes and to learn about the facts leading up to the day and those following. Take the NYT virtual tour here.

Rizzoli has just released a book containing stories and images from the attack, The Stories They Tell: Artifacts from the National September 11 Memorial Museum. Read more here.

911-designlab1 Sept 11 Museum 1200x Sept 11 Museumhere-are-some-of-the-poignant-artifacts-youll-see-at-the-new-911-memorial-museum911-museum-night-rendering

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