Side Streets: Christian Maalouf

Christian Maalouf, now let me see … He’s a bit of a sarcastic cat, very quick witted. If you set the kid up for a joke or some type of condescending comeback he’ll pounce on the opportunity and make you feel stupid. However, he’s able to maintain a conversation and can also be a really supportive pair of ears in times of venting and frustration. He’s an all-around good fella and has got the craziest pop I’ve seen on a board. The boy just looks good!


Portrait by Alex Schmidt

State your full name.
Christian Georges Maalouf, I don’t know why my middle name is plural.

Are you originally from England?
Yes I was born in London and lived there in Muswell Hill until about the age of ten.

What’s a classic British breakfast?
For me it’s some English bacon, which is uncured, two fried eggs, Heinz baked beans, chips (French fries) maybe some toast and a cappuccino. There’s a cafe at the bottom of my street  that I’d go to most mornings when I’m out there. Oh yeah, I top it off with a nice cigarette.


Ollie / Photo by Brent Odonnell

When did you move to the states?
It was in ’97 or ’98.

What is your favorite part about living in Arizona?
For the most part I know and am friends with all the people I run into on a daily basis. I get a neighborhood discount at all the places I frequent. The skate scene is great and life is lived at a nice mellow pace.

Why don’t you move to LA already?
I never really felt too attached to anything in LA. But now I have an amazing girlfriend and I ride for a tight-knit board company based from there. It’s definitely feeling like home now so the move is in sight for sure.


Pole jam with a Popsicle in hand / Photo by Brent Odonnell

What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?
Check and see if my lady is still there. If she’s already at work I’ll stay in bed a couple more hours. If not, I get up and outta the house before 10am so I don’t look like a total pile. But first things first: I’m smoking a cig and maybe a zoot.

How did skating for WKND come along?
I don’t remember who pitched it to me first, maybe Grant maybe Raymond, or was it you? At first I was a little skeptical on how it’d turn out but now it just feels right; skating is at a point where you need to take matters into your own hands to make something you’re proud of and proud to be part of. I think that’s exactly what we are doing.


Backside grind / Photo by Brent Odonnell

Is it true it’s the coolest new company out right now?
Oh brother it’s the best. I don’t feel pressured to be something I’m not, which seems to be a common request from established brands these days. I get a say in what we make and I get to hop in a van with all my good friends and go skate everyday. It’s restored my faith in skating and made it fun again, hopefully that’s a message we can convey to the world one day.

Agreed. What’s to come for you next my boy?
Well I just got back to Arizona, I’m gonna plan a quick escape though because the heat is coming really soon. Hopefully I’ll just be skating, traveling and building relationships. Mainly it’s the FRKN WKND and I’m about to have me some fun!

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