Every year, spring time comes around and shines on the cold, bustling city of New York. This phenomenon is somewhat magical, bringing people out of their caverns and getting them to bask in the wonderful weather. Unaware to most people, this city at this time of year is the greatest place on Earth to skateboarders. Locals can leave their house with a light sweater and no fear of having snow fall around them and the freezing air obliterate their bones. Visitors can come and enjoy themselves with complete ignorance of the harsh months that came before their arrival. Between the gross Bradford Pear trees blossoming and slappy curbs getting rebroken in after a four month break, you realize … Springtime in NYC has come.

You know that feeling you get when you’re pushing down the street with all of your friends? When all of your worries are for your future self to deal with? Doing tricks in the middle of the street in front of Taxis? Going around that angry, overly-entitled pedestrian with their obnoxious ass dog, not caring that they absolutely hate you? Just pushing past them with no cares in the world? Pushing is an essential of skateboarding, it makes up your style, it makes up how you carry yourself as a skateboarder, it is your identity.

– Lui Elliot

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