Last night we gathered at Beach Road Hotel, Bondi for the Australian premiere of ‘Someplace Else’, Corona Extra‘s new directed by the very talented Mr. Riley Blakeway.

Someplace Else is a collective of free wheelin’ fun lovin’ and talented individuals – surfers Ozzie Wright and Dylan Graves, musician Hanni El Khatib, skateboarder Andrew Brophy and artists Jeff Canham and Rose Ashton – pulled together by Corona Extra for a bus trip down the forgotten back roads of the Mexican coast. The mission of the trip and film was to find the common threads that bind creative souls whilst those who attended the launch had the mission of sinking as many free cold coronas as they could before the sun went down.

We think both missions were extremely successful with many crew opting to continue the latter mission way after sundown and well into the early hours of Monday morning.

Photos & Words: About LST Night.

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