“what are you doing after this” Party Photos

Friday night RVCA presented the opening of  “what are you doing after this” art show at their downstairs gallery on Oxford Street. It was hands down the biggest show the gallery has ever put on with a mixed crowd of art enthusiasts, photographers, drink scabs, surfers, skaters, babes, the artists themselves and the homeless sprawled out of the venue, onto the street and across the road into the park.

The group exhibition, featuring some very special artists currently working and living in New York and Los Angeles, works with a range of disciplines including photography, video, sculpture, painting and mixed media. The works are raw, sometimes confronting and often hilarious.

The only theme of the entire project is the tight-knit friendship among the artists and the work they produce. Although the crew have been together for many years, this is the first time they have all exhibited together.

The mass crowd didn’t deter anybody. The Kirin Cider and beer got consumed in world-record-breaking time and the thirsty drink scabs started sipping the dregs out of people’s empty bottles with one guy even threatening to drink his own urine towards the end of the night.

The show is hanging until the end of the month at the RVCA Gallery, 84 Oxford Street Paddington.

Photos by James and Liam from About LST Night

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