Tour Diary: Zoo York in Aus #1

Straight from New York to St. Kilda Beach and its iconic skate spots.

Zoo York‘s new flagship in Melbourne has officially opened. Throughout the week the team, including US riders Chaz Ortiz, Kevin Tiernay and Dave “Black Dave” Willis as well as ZY Aus riders Tawa Hayes, Aaron Lister, George Simmonds, James Briody and Shane Mathewson, will be holding demos at select spots throughout Southern Aus. Duncan Ewington, Zoo York’s team manager, asked Chaz a few questions about his trip so far.

Duncan Ewington: What are some of the things you were looking forward to most about the tour?
Chaz Ortiz: The street spots, the culture and the vibe of everything.

What had you heard about Australia before the trip?
I was talking Shane (O’Neill) and he was filling me in on some shit just like good places to skate and where to visit..

What’s been the biggest difference you’ve found so far?
The accent and the girls!

Photos by Duncan Ewington

image copy 2

Kevin soaks in St. Kilda Beach

image copy 3

Dave sets up fresh wood for the trip

image copy 5

It’s all down hill from here …

image copy 6

The one and only RB Umali

image copy

Chaz – crooked grind straight off the plane


Chaz, Kevin, Dave

image copy 4

Behind the scenes

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