With Deep Bright, Guillem Cruells undertook to create a different kind of surf film. Drawing on the exoticism and solitude of several locations around France and the Iberian Peninsula, Cruells captured a unique perspective of Spanish pro Ethan Egiguren and his surfing.

It’s been almost a year since we started the whole project. We didn’t really know what to expect, but we were very clear on what we wanted. That was to create something different from all other surf movies. We wanted to go beyond and to reflect Ethan as a person, and we would be doing that through his surfing. This project was started during the spring of 2013. We didn’t get very lucky with the swells, since everything was filmed on the Iberic Peninsula and France. This meant that we had to wait until autumn to start filming. So we spent all summer planning the project, making something solid that had a story behind. When filming finally commenced, it wasn’t that easy; I had to coordinate the whole design part of the project ( check out the blog “making off” ), the incredible score by Nerobambola and also Ethan’s filming with his surf trips and competitions. Somehow we managed to make a small trip once a month around the peninsula or France. Our goal was to find incredible and solitary places where Ethan could surf almost by himself and enjoy the scenery. Really, the location scouting was the most difficult part of the project, but we did it. Finally, after one year of filming, this is the result. We have the pleasure to present this short film, made with loads of devotion and love.

Learn more about Deep Bright here.

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