Issue 42 B&W – Brian Gaberman

Breathtaking, spellbinding, exquisite. Adjectives rarely used in skate photography, but entirely appropriate when describing Brian Gaberman’s new photography book, A Life in Transition. Gaberman is one of those rare photojournalists who has the almost psychic ability to take the lens cap off at exactly the right moment. He’s an expert at capturing that magic split second that makes everyone go, ‘Ahhhhh,’ and for this issue’s Black & White, Brian furnished us with a handful of his gems.

Evan_KF_Wallride copy

Evan Smith, kickflip bank ride, 2013, Lyon, France
‘Evan is one of my favorites to shoot with. He’s completely open-minded and everything he does comes from a different perspective. When you move through life like that, anything is possible and his presence continually reminds me of that. On this day, we had just taken a look at the Ali Boulala 25-stair ollie attempt, and while walking back to the van in a stupor, we started climbing this bank. When Evan started looking at it with his board, I honestly thought he was joking. A few minutes later, he had kickflip wallride into it twice.’

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 10.09.05 AM

Brent Atchley, lien grab over the Mississippi, 2006, New Orleans, Louisiana
‘The right place at the right time. This spot appeared as a direct result of Hurricane Katrina. The building caught on fire, and the fire got so hot that it melted the steel supports in the concrete floor of the building. When it sagged into the rushing waters of the Mississippi River, it cooled and stabilized, leaving this perfect transition behind. This was absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime spot, so we dodged the police and snuck a few minutes on it. In all, I believe the river ate up three of Brent’s boards that day.’

Julian_Scorpion copy

Julian Davidson, scorpion, 2011, Santiago, Chile
‘I was pretty bored at this spot in Chile because it was really only good for people to film lines at. I’m not sure why I even had my camera out, but mid-sentence, I suppose out of reflex, I put the camera to my eye in time to catch Julian in this world of hurt. We’ve all been there, and every time I look at this picture I can feel it.’

Levi_Flag copy

Levi Brown, 2012, Nagasaki, Japan
‘Every trip has a theme; one silly idea or game that keeps us all sane while on the road for long spells. Flagging kept us all cheery when spirits got low and Japan started getting the better of us.’


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