12 From Your Phone: Lobster

Photos by Thomas Robinson

This department is called 12 From Your Phone, and what we do is ask someone to send us the first twelve photos they have in their phone and caption them.

Fun, right? For this issue’s 12 From Your Phone, we asked skate photographer Thomas ‘Lobster’ Robinson if he’d be down to contribute and he said, sure, but would it be okay if he sent a selection of pics he’d taken with his point and shoot? We said, yeah, no worries, because we’re very cool, relaxed and flexible, and we aren’t hampered by rules and regulations. You have to be able to bend in the breeze and roll with shit if you wanna survive. If you’re rigid like a stick, you will snap, but if you’re soft and rubbery like a reed at the edge of a river, you will find life much easier. See? It’s not just dick jokes.


We’d been drinking for a few weeks on the road and turned up at this really budget hotel room. Austyn figured if we gave the place a tune up it would be charged to the Monster Children card, but as it turned out, you guys caught wind and cancelled the card. The next day we were an hour south and the cops rolled up on us. We were escorted back to the hotel to open our wallets. Worth it, I guess.

Fat Pizza

Dustin Dollin’s engagement party was hilarious. On the way there, we saw Bobo from Fat Pizza riding some busted mountain bike and Dustin told him to come with us for the evening. He was super cool but also pretty heavy on the junk (at the time, at least). This is a photo of the broken ankle he was casually walking around on for who knows how long.

Gimmi head

Michelle is one of our mates we met through skating a certain spot a bunch. She is such a sweetheart. One day we noticed her back tatt poking out from under her shirt, and although she didn’t want it to be as big as it is, she loves it. She’s a tough woman and if someone is pissing her off, she’ll be sure to turn around and bust out her favourite quote: ‘Gimmi head.’


Keegan was always the life of the party. We caught wind of a BYO strip club and went there with a shitload of booze for Will Brown’s buck’s night, and it was pretty skint, as you could imagine. Anyone who knew Keegan will never forget his energy. His legacy lives on through his beautiful skateboard company, Hoodle, but god we miss him. RIP Keegs.


Jack Kirk pulling the perfect life hack: if you’re on a trip with free energy drinks, take them to an independently owned bottle shop and you can swap them for beer.


This photo was taken on Oxford Street a few days before the vote was taken to make same-sex marriage legal. Absolutely disgusting behaviour but a reminder that good things can happen no matter the amount of resistance.

Roytz & Chan

If it wasn’t for Chan this night, Roytz might not be with us today. In typical Roytz fashion, he messaged us from the ambulance: ‘Save us the rest of the beers G.’ Don’t skate with glass bottles.


The man with the most, Chima. Always comes through for the boys, whether it be cases of piss, stacks of junkie discs or the most deadly hammers. A true goat.


Back when our local bar used to give us $5 whatever we wanted. The police were nice enough to carry Wade home as long as I poked his dick back into his pants for them.


This is the first night I met Vince in New York, and he told me 917 was coming out of Australia soon. We ate mushrooms and sat in this bar drawing on butchers paper for hours. This was his drawing of what he thought Australia was going to be like. A few months later the drawing was a reality.

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