True To This Is Here

I remember my 21st birthday, it was actually the first time I ever really drank an alcoholic beverage. I believe my first drink was a gin and tonic. Twenty-first birthdays are pretty special, and it’s fitting that Volcom is celebrating the 21st birthday of its seminal tri-sport classic, Alive We Ride, by dropping its new opus to board sports, True To This.

Making a film of this magnitude that blends surf, skate and snow can be tricky, and sometimes a painful pursuit that can alienate or trivialize certain segments of this holiest of unions. But thankfully Volcom isn’t new to this, and doesn’t take this board sport orgy lightly, “It’s very important to us that we get it right,” says Ryan Immegart, who knows a thing or two about the legacy that Volcom must uphold. Immegart was chosen as Volcom’s first snowboard team rider by the co-founder of the brand, Richard Woolcott way back in 1991. Ryan has since worked his way up to Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, a title that may produce thoughts of spreadsheets and stock numbers in the mind of some. But in reality, Ryan’s role has more to do with keeping the spirit and authenticity of Volcom alive and well—something that he’s gone to great pains to do, especially with the brand’s new film, True To This. “When you’re dealing with athletes who have so much love and passion for what they do, it’s important for us to really listen and consider everything they want represented in respect to how their chosen sport is portrayed. With that being said, there’s a lot of trust between the people making the film and the people in the film. For us, one of the best parts of this project was bringing a skater in and showing them what the surfers and snowboarders have brought to the film and vice versa. We showed Collin Provost, Volcom skate team rider, some of the snow guys riding street and he was like, ‘Holy shit’—it was incredible to see that reaction and the immediate mutual respect our athletes have gained through the making of this film—I think people are really going to feel that when they see it.”

With brand-new footage flowing in from all corners of the earth featuring Volcom’s incredible global surf, skate and snow teams, True To This is already slated to be a fucking banger of a film, yet another groundbreaking effort from a company not afraid to take chances. On top of the impending bomb drop of sickness that True To This will be, Volcom is also producing a second film. It’s a Jaime Heinrich-directed documentary that loosely delves in to the history of Volcom, but focuses more on the Veeco filmmaking legacy, epic cyclone of progression and the many influential people and events that helped shape the world of surfing, skating and snowboarding as we know it today.

Monster Children‘s issue 42 US launch will be joining the SXSW premiere of True To This on March 14, in Austin, Texas and all indications are pointing to this party being a rager of epic proportions. For more information check in here.


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