Side Streets: Will Rosenstock

Will Rosenstock of Bust Crew is the epitome of a skaters skater. If his body allowed him, I think the dude would skate 24 hours a day. Not only is he a 100 percent skate rat, hes also awesome behind the lens. From making Old Dominion video, to working on Vans projects with Gilbert Crockett, its clear to see he isnt slowing down. Ive been lucky enough to have skated with him and have built a friendship over these past few months and Im excited to see what hes got next. Until then check out his interview below.

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Will Rosenstock

Old Dominion video was great, how long did you guys take to film it?

I’d say a little less than a year, We created “Bust Crew Sundays” in order to motivate ourselves. Every single Sunday for about a year we took a day trip to wherever we wanted. Since we lived on the East Coast trips to D.C., Baltimore, Philly and NY were most frequent. We basically worked all week and waited for Sunday. It was pretty amazing and exhausting.

If you could say, whose part was your favorite to make?

As far as editing I think I enjoyed making Ty Beall and Caleb Ocasio’s parts the most.


Wallie. Echo Park, CA // Photo by Brent Odonnell

What’s up with this new video project you’ve been working on?

Funny you should ask Ace. What was supposed to be a sort of cross country montage quickly turned into a full length video once I got to L.A. and started filming with some new friends such as you and Johan. I hope to premiere the video in Richmond VA through our local shop Venue Skateboards as well as out here in L.A.

From skating with you these past few months its safe to say youre the best skateboarder/filmer I’ve seen with the exceptions of Greg Hunt, Cody Green and maybe Yandawg. What makes you want to be behind the camera rather than in front?

Haha geeeez that’s to much, but thanks Alvy. Well filming has just always been equally as fun and interesting as skating to me. I’d say about seven or eight years ago is when it became a higher priority than actually skating myself.

photo copy
Will Rosenstock, Jon Rowe and Taylor Caruso out in LA // Photo by Alex Schmidt

You recently moved here from Richmond, Virginia with some of your boys, why the change and how do you like it so far?

Gilbert moved out here a few months before us and when he came back to Richmond to visit he sort of playfully persuaded a bunch of us to move out here. Six of us drove across the country filming along the way and four of us stayed once we got out here until the recent decision Ty and Jon have made to head back to the East Coast, I don’t blame them, it’s hard to get used to the chaos out here but i’m going to miss the shit out of them.

While driving across the country from Richmond to California, what city was your favorite to visit?

Austin TX was my favorite stop. Our good friend Jack Beckett was able to hook us up with a great place to stay for 4 nights.

Is it your goal to persue filming skateboarding as a career, or do you just love to do it as a hobby?

It’s been a hobby for more than ten years and would definitely continue to be one without any career opportunities.

photo copy 2

Will filming Ty Baell for an upcoming video project // Photo by Alex Schmidt

Do you prefer vx or hd?

VX is so classic, can’t be beat. I heard WKND is going to be filming VX, that rules. Can’t wait to see more from you guys.

Whats next for you, Ace?

Finish this video. Me Brent and Gilbert will be taking a trip to Virginia and Ohio hopefully in March to skate and film.

photo copy 3

Frontside 180. Hollywood, CA // Photo by Brent Odonnell

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