Getting Down With The Women Of Warpaint

Warpaint is a band from Los Angeles, California that you really should be listening to right about now.

This all-female foursome plays music that meshes darkness with light, part Cocteau Twins, part Blonde Redhead, a little bit Cat Power, and maybe, just maybe a tiny bit of Radiohead. Warpaint’s latest album was produced and recorded by, Nigel Godrich who’s pretty much considered the sixth member of Radiohead and whose production credits include Beck, Pavement, The Sundays, Air, and U2 just to name a few, so you know there’s something big happening with this band. This band first caught the public’s attention with the video for “Elephants” that featured these four very pretty young women stylistically shot with beautiful clothing and hair blowing wildly in the wind, I was immediately hooked, I thought they were the sexiest indie rockers I’ve ever seen, and I still think they are. I was hoping to catch up with these girls in person or at a show, but instead I had to settle for an email interview—it’s probably for the better though, I might have creeped them out with my grown-ass-man-fan crush on them. Here’s an “e-interview” with the bands reigning guitar goddess, Theresa Wayman, would have been more interesting if she and I did this over a nice bottle of wine on a bearskin rug in front of a roaring fire, but I take what I can get.

In watching interviews, you girls seem pretty wild, rowdy, and fun to party with, but the music on this new album has its fair share of darkness and seriousness—tell me about the personality of the band as people and the personality the band has on stage.

We’re like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get! I think we like to partake in all aspects of life. We get rowdy, we get funny, we get serious, emotional, light, heavy. Most of the time when we’re on stage we’re excited by the big vibrations of the sound and the crowd and it’s not as heavy as say, when you’re initially writing the song in your bedroom. But that can leak through at a show too—I was brought to tears the other night on stage and I felt like I had really achieved a moment with the music.

That first question was strange, sorry. What questions do interviewers ask you that really bother you?

All of them!

So asking you on a date over email would probably be pretty awkward at this moment?

[No answer]

Tell me about the difference in recording this new record and when you recorded the first album?

We were a lot more hands on with this one and we knew a lot more about what we wanted to achieve and how to go about getting it. We’d been recording ourselves during the writing process and ended up using a lot of those demos on the record. I felt like a baby during the making of the first one, a baby that can do things in its mind that its body can’t actually do, and that it can’t actually communicate either. That was a bit frustrating.

Obviously your audience is male and female, but who are the most interesting or annoying groupies, guys or girls?

Not to hurt anyone’s feelings or anything but the audiences in Japan really take the cake. They are the sweetest and most thoughtful and they give beautiful attention during a show. You can tell that they’re really listening and taking it all in. Our recent show in Tokyo is one that I’ll never forget.

I’m thinking of coming on as a full-time groupie—would that be weird? I’m 37 years old, a bit pudgy, I wear glasses, and I’m married with two kids who absolutely could not know that I was following around a group of super hot indie-rock girls.

[No Answer]

It’s always exciting to release new material, but tell me the feeling you girls got when you physically held the new album for the first time.

I just thought that it looked so beautiful. Chris Cunningham (Acclaimed video director Chris Cunningham and visual artist) is brilliant! It’s kinda like you’ve finally given birth after being in labor for way too long. It’s relief from a process that can take you for everything you’ve got. Once the album is in hand there’s nothing you can do to change it, this is it. It’s a final map of a moment in time and it feels satisfying.

The album is out, getting rave reviews, so congratulations! What’s next for Warpaint?

Well, thank you! We’re really excited to keep recording and hopefully put an EP out towards the end of the year. Obviously this has to be done somehow while also touring, because that’s the main thing at the moment, but there’s so much to express and the time is now!

I’m just gonna go ahead and express my love for you and your band right now.

[No Answer]

Warpaint “Elephants”

Warpaint “Love Is To Die”

Well, lucky for fans like me, Warpaint is touring the globe and will be in a town near me and you very soon—this is a band that’s not to me missed.


02-13 Manila, Philippines – Metro Tent Convention Center
02-14 Hong Kong, Hong Kong – Music Zone
02-16 Tokyo, Japan – Hostess Club Weekender
02-18 London, England – KOKO
02-19 Leeds, England – 02 Academy
02-20 Liverpool, England – 02 Academy
02-21 Bristol, England – 02 Academy
02-23 Cologne, Germany – Gloria
02-24 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradiso
02-25 Munich, Germany – Strom
02-26 Hamburg, Germany – Gruenspan
02-28 Madrid, Spain – Sala But
03-01 Lisbon, Portugal – Aula Magna
03-13-15 Austin, TX – SXSW
03-21 New York, NY – Webster Hall
03-22 Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer
03-24 Washington, DC – Black Cat
03-25 Toronto, Ontario – Danforth
03-26 Detroit, MI – Magic Stick
03-28 Chicago, IL – Metro
03-29 Minneapolis, MN – First Ave
03-30 Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon
04-01 Iowa City, IA – Gabe’s
04-02 Omaha, NE – Waiting Room
04-12 Indio, CA – Coachella
04-17 San Francisco, CA – Bill Graham Civic Auditorium *
04-19 Indio, CA – Coachella
04-21-23 Austin, TX – ACL Live at the Moody #
04-24 Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s
04-26 Dallas, TX – Trees
04-28 Aspen, CO – Belly Up Aspen
04-29 Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge
05-01 Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom
05-02 Seattle, WA – Neumos
05-03 Bellingham, WA – The Wild Buffalo
05-04 Vancouver, British Columbia – The Rickshaw Theatre
05-24 Boston, MA – Boston Calling Festival
05-29 Barcelona, Spain – Primavera Sound
06-06 Porto, Portugal – Optimus Primavera Sound
06-07 Manchester, England – Parklife Festival
06-08 London, England – Field Day
07-03 Roskilde, Denmark – Roskilde Festival
07-05 Gdynia, Poland – Open’er Festival
08-22 Reading, England – Reading Festival
08-23 Leeds, England – Leeds Festival
08-24 Paris, France – Rock en Seine
* with Queens of the Stone Age
# with the National

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