Morgan Maassen’s New Film with Imogen Caldwell is a Beauty

Film, photos and captions by Morgan Maassen

Australian surfer Imogen Caldwell hails from one of the most remote and rugged surf breaks in the far north west of Australia, a piece of coastline that has to be seen to be believed (and we recommend you go see it, once you’re allowed back out of the house).

Morgan Maassen joined Imogen at her family home in Red Bluff to capture her doing what she does best—going left in the West and getting more tubed than everyone else, taking off on some serious slabs of water—and it’s eight minutes of pure visual bliss. Captured over the course of a year, the cinematic surf odyssey follows Imogen both at home, and in as far-flung places as Iceland, France and Indonesia. Check the film out above.

Imogen at her childhood home in Red Bluff. Situated far north up the coast of Western Australia, this territory is where the outback meets the sea. Space is ample, and wildlife is everywhere.
Imogen and Ziggy, her family’s kangaroo. Living as remotely as the Caldwell’s do, stray kangaroos that are abandoned by their parents often find their way onto their property whilst looking for food and water, before quickly becoming situated and relishing the human interaction.
Imogen is always keen to explore, and there are no elements of nature that intimidate her. This was arguably the coldest day of our lives (something Noah Waggy can definitely attest to), but exploring the calving glaciers and drifting icebergs of Iceland was like no other.
Imogen and Australia’s answer to Teahupo’o. Trekking hours through the desert amongst countless snakes, emu and kangaroos, we arrived to watch endless waves reel off this reef, with not a soul in sight.
One of many waves Imogen claimed on a perfect day of surfing. Watching Imogen effortlessly stroke into barrel after barrel was one of the highlights of year, let alone the incredible challenge I had swimming amongst the massive waves with my waterhousing.
Iceland was truly a bucket list trip, with breathtaking natural beauty around every corner. Searching for surf, we couldn’t make it five minutes without stopping to investigate glaciers, waterfalls, horses and fields.
Imogen taking in the sunset at Red Bluff. This is one of the most remote places I’ve ever visited, and the luxury of being so far removed from civilisation was astounding.
Imogen at home at Red Bluff, doing what she does best.

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